Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Chapter 3 completed...

By The Way...

I decided not to edit the story...

I finished it later the same night I think, and she loved it. I don't think I need to post Chapters 1&2. At that point I was still trying to be serious and write a strictly childrens book.

When I read it to her, I glossed over a few pieces lol. She liked it, I liked writing it... and hopefully someone out there will get a good laugh out of it.

Needless to say... Pee-tah came to an unhappy end. Poetic justice is a b*tch lol.

Here's Ch 3... the complete version. I'll put 4 up next.

(Remember that I did write it for the kid though so it's a little sappy.)

Chapter Three

The next day was bright and sunny.

It was perfect weather

for an exciting day of adventure

at the carnival.

The family was getting ready

and Sir James had saddled his horse.

James was thirteen years old.

He had gotten his horse

when he was nine.

It wasn’t given to him though.

He had to earn money

by doing all sorts of hard work

around the castle.

Then, when he had enough money,

his father the king

had helped him shop around

until they found a good deal

on a used horse

with low mileage.

His horse’s name was piccolo.

He was a huge black horse

with a big white spot

right on his nose.

"Hurry up Kelly, we don’t want to miss anything,"

James said with a smile.

Kelly quickly climbed up on Piccolo

with her brother,

and they rode off behind the carriage

to the carnival.

Once they arrived,

they quickly got down off the horse

and followed their parents to the main entrance.

"Stay with your brother and be a good girl, Kelly,"

Said her father.

Cypress’ parents told her the same thing,

and the girls followed Sir James off into the crowd.

Meanwhile their mothers stopped

to look at some beautiful furniture for the castle

while their fathers rolled their eyes

and looked ahead impatiently

to the display of new hunting bows

at the next tent.

The young Prince and Princesses

walked through the crowd very quickly

until they reached the tent

with all the animals in cages.

They gave a quarter to the man at the door

and stepped inside to look at the lions

and tigers

and giraffes

and elephants

and dozens of other beautiful and dangerous creatures.

A strange looking young man,

who smelled very bad

and had crooked teeth,

was causing a commotion by the lions cages.

He didn’t think that lions should be kept in cages,

because he thought it was insensitive

to the lion’s feelings

and might damage their self esteem.

The young man was yelling

that he had been sent by someone

named Peter,

but when he said it,

he had a strange accent,

that made it sound

like he was saying ‘Pee-tah"

Suddenly, he leaped up onto the stage

where the lion cages stood.

He yanked out the pin

that held the door to the cages locked.

The cage doors burst open,

and just as he screamed,

in a very shrill voice,

"Be free, noble beast of the jungle!!",

The lion,

Very ungratefully,

Ate his head.


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