Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Went fishing on Lake Murray today. Didn't do any good trolling for stipers but caught a few fish off the rocks by the dam... (only one keeper size Largemouth) If anybody is in the SE United States and has any idea what fish is colored like a Largemouth Bass... but has a small mouth ... but ISNT a smallmouth bass (LOL) ... let me know.

Before you make the obvious guesses.. it wasn't a smallmouth, white bass, sandbass, striper, hybrid... or any kind of bream/panfish etc. It also wasnt any kind of walleye, pike type fish either... Definitely not a Drum, Buffalo, Carp, or any kind of junkfish like that...

I know all kinds of things it WASN"T.... just not sure what it was.

Anybody who can help me identify the MYSTERY FISH wins....


except my eternal gratitude.


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