Sunday, August 29, 2004


Well, the War Pigs have all shipped out either to their homes to begin another school year or to their respective AIT stations to learn their jobs. It was a good cycle for the most part and pretty successful considering it was my first Platoon Sergeant gig in an IET environment. (I was an acting PSG in the 101st for about 10 months, but that’s a whole different story). The mistakes I made this cycle, and I did make some, were not terrible and I know a few things to tweak for next cycle that will hopefully make my next platoon even better.

I am staying in E Co for another cycle. Among all the things which I have to think about for next cycle though, few are as pressing as this…

I have not decided yet whether to go with the name “War Pigs” again or retire it and come up with something else. I am leaning toward retiring the name though. I like the idea that there will only be one platoon of War Pigs EVER to graduate from Ft Jackson. My intent is to not use anything that I have heard before. There are a thousand names that get used over and over for platoons. If I can come up with something original that sounds good I will use it.

Some of the names that get used over and over are; Warhawks, warlords, war dogs, death dealers, vipers, rough riders, renegades, wolfpack, pit bulls, mad dogs, bulldogs, falcons, cobras, diamondbacks, bushmasters, etc, etc, etc

I am open to suggestions… stupid suggestions are not only welcome, they are encouraged.
(This should be entertaining… )


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