Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Name that platoon...

This is my life. Apparently I needed a lesson in being grateful for what I have, because just as I was feeling sorry for my self for only getting a 6 day cycle break...
WHAM! You're picking up tomorrow. A 6 day cycle break sounds pretty good now doesn't it you little sniveler? lol

Oh well... FIDO

So it's down to the wire as far as Platoon names go. I thought about keeping the name War Pigs, but last cycles War Pigs were good enough that I think I'm going to retire it in their honor. Also... it was a unique set of circumstances that let us pick War Pigs in the first place, so I'm not sure it would mean as much to the incoming soldiers.

There have been several names suggested that I wish I could use... (Combat Wombats and Battletoads come to mind) but I think I am going to go with something bird related since we are part of Echo company (Eagles).
You gotta be quick with this... I gotta decide by around 9 AM tomorrow.

The other platoons so far are War hawks, Falcons, and either Blackhawks or Dirty Birds lol. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. And if I use your suggestion you will win absolutely nothing except the pride of knowing that you named the best platoon in E Co.

Oh yeah, and we lost our second softball game last night... so that sucked. But I also went out and caught a bunch of catfish AND got my new space shuttle... I mean new stove (I was thinking about the control panel... and price tag)... installed, so I guess it averaged itself out.


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