Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm back.

In the last ten days I drove around 2000 miles. I think that works out to about 30 hours of driving if you do the math. But of course you have to add about 15 more hours for eating and bladder relief.

Had a good time. My vacation went something like this...

0500 wake up

0600 tree stand

0700-0930 see (or don't see) lots of deer that either aren't quite worth shooting, or are out of range for a bow and arrow

1000 stuff face

1200 stuff face again

1430 tree stand

1530-1730 see above

1830 stuff face once more

2000 snack

2100 coffee and snack (to ensure minimum sleepage)

2300-2400 lights out

0500 repeat procedure

I think I actually got less sleep on vacation than I do in red phase...

Anyway, had a great time. Found out that mom reads my blog. She made me promise not to censor myself... I don't know how that's going to work out. I don't curse a whole lot on here, but expect less F-bombs in the future.

Lot's of stuff I want to write about but I have to get up early tomorrow. Still looking for the big boy. I got that 8 point already, but I'm not sure he would have made it into the double digits on the boone and crockett scale lol. Very nice rack, symetrically, but not very big.

In the land of the elusive whitetail...

size matters.

By the way, I got several offers to take me hunting in my email. That may be the coolest thing to happen in this blog yet...

EXCEPT for the small part I played in Tabby's story. They finally did a follow up on Fox News the other day. Very cool.

But the hunting offers are a close second. Don't be surprised if I show up in blaze orange on your doorstep some day.


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