Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Two words about the election...

Thank God.

I mean that in several ways.

Thank God it's over, thank God Bush won, thank God Kerry did the decent thing in the best interest of the country and conceded without lengthy and useless legal fights, thank God the voters of this nation turned out in such numbers and did their civic duty at the polling places, thank God that so many of those voters still care about things like moral charcter and values, and thank God that we live in the greatest country in the world, where we can differ so greatly in our individual views and (most of us) still accept the will of our fellow men and women graciously and act together in the best interest of our nation.

I would say more but I have a bigger post I plan to do in the next few days.

Family Day is over, just Graduation, and then Ship Day and I will be done for this cycle. It's been a good cycle, but I am so ready for these soldiers to be gone lol.

Still no sign of Jake...


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