Sunday, December 12, 2004

I need a day off...

Had the morning off, but gotta go to work in an hour or so.

This 7 days a week stuff is getting old again.

About 9 more days till we get rid of the Privates.

... and only 6 more days until I pick up my CHRISTMAS PRESEEEEEENNTTTT!!!!!!!!!

I told my wife that I really didn't need anything major this year... just to buy me a video game or book... something small...

The next day she told me to come with her and we drove down to the cycle shop...

She got me and my son both dirt bikes. Brand new kickass dirt bikes.

(Actually mine is a Dual Purpose. Dirt or Road. She wanted me to pick it out so she didn't get the wrong one. I ended up with a Suzuki 650DR.)

She even bought a trailer to haul them on and picked out the right size and everything.

She was like "Are you mad?"

I said, "I'm a lot of things right now, but mad isn't one of them."

My wife kicks ass.


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