Thursday, December 09, 2004

Morning Jocks...

Has anyone ever listened to Opie and Anthony?

They are doing a full week free on XM Radio trying to promote them as a premium channel.

It's like looking at an industrial accident or a train wreck.

These guys have almost no redeeming qualities. They are absolutely the worst human beings I have ever heard. There is no subject so horrible that they won't talk about it, no human being that they won't insult horribly, no speech impediment, physical deformity, medical condition, personality trait, race, color, creed, nationality, regional accent, or victim of tragedy that they won't ridicule mercilessly.


They are so foul that I feel guilty just listening to them.

But, although most of what they do sounds like a couple of idiots sitting around burning brain cells, occasionally they do something really incredibly funny.

Not enough to make it worth it to pay for the show, but they are funny once in a while. In the end though, it sort of makes me feel bad for our country when someone can make a good living by simply being mean to other people. For you to understand how grotesque and cruel their humor is you should probably know that I insult people all the time. I have no problem hurting someone's feelings either, obviously, as long as it serves a purpose. But their style is so horrible it's like an emotional disemboweling when they make fun of people.

I've never listened to Howard Stern, but I imagine he is somewhat similar.

My own favorite morning jocks are probably Bob And Tom, or the Breakfast Club Zoo on KMOD in Tulsa. Also, I liked the guy in Hawaii but I can't remember his name now.

Anybody else got any favorites? (Please don't say John Boy and Billy lol)


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