Sunday, December 05, 2004

New Platoon...

Long week...

Got a bunch of good privates with a few mixed in who won't make it. Overall it's going pretty well. They are highly disciplined as a platoon. I've only had to really brutalize them once lol. I'm pretty sure they understand what kind of standard I expect regarding bay maintenance now :)

I'm in a different platoon again now that I am back in C Co. I'm now a 3rd PLT VIPER. On the other hand, I have one of my old partners working with me again. I've been really fortunate regarding the NCOs I've worked with over the last two years.

The major challenge this cycle will be getting them in good physical shape to pass the PT test. They leave for 10 days during Christmas and I know the majority of them will do nothing but eat and lay around on the couch. Then we will have to start over getting them in shape with only 2-3 weeks before the final PT test. The high speed Privates will do some PT during the break, but they aren't the ones who usually struggle anyway.

We start teaching them to do some more stuff this cycle. They're going to learn a little bit more about Urban combat and Convoy operations. It's all good stuff for them to learn, but in my opinion there are things they should learn first that they aren't being taught. (Except by me during Drill Sergeant Time). In my humble opinion, they should be learning a lot about firing from the standing and kneeling positions accurately, before they start getting into clearing rooms and stuff. It's great that they are learning reflexive fire (no aim, instinctive fire within 15-20 meters), but I suspect most of their contact will be on the street firing from behind HMMWVs and cars or around walls and corners. I don't mean this as criticism, just that I would prioritize the training a little differently. I don't see a whole lot of mechanics or personnel clerks being called on to clear buildings, but I do see them getting hit with IEDs and having to defend themselves while they extract wounded and unass the area.

Anyway, I'm squarely in the middle of the foodchain, so it's really not my function to decide what goes in the POI for BCT, just to train em up on it and give em whatever else I can squeeze in while they're here. BCT is getting better and naturally there are going to be things that not everyone agrees on. The important thing is that it is improving and will continue to do so.

Well, I only have a few hours off and I still have to go work this evening, so that's all the time I have for the week. I'm out...


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