Tuesday, March 16, 2004


A few questions...

Will the XM8 be assigned to all infantry? Or just certain infantry units?

When they actually field the M8 to the regular Army, (XM8 designates it as not fielded yet ...maybe it means Xperimental lol) they will probably begin with a few of the major rapid deployment units. They will most likely go to the 101st ABN (AAASLT), 10th Mountain Div, 25th ID (L), and possibly to the 82nd ABN Div. The only reason they wouldn't go to the 82nd right away is all equipment has to be certified for ABN operations before it can be fielded there. This shouldn't be a problem for a rifle though, unlike the new MOLLE rucksack systems (which they still haven't received).
After that the M8 will probably filter down the foodchain to the mechanized Infantry units, Cavalry and Armor units, Engineer and Artillery units, etc...until it eventually makes it's way throughout the Army.
Of course it goes without saying that Special Forces and Ranger units will probably get them first, just like everything else lol.

Is there any technique to walk through CS like you do? Or is it just a matter of getting used to it? I'll be playing with some at lewis this summer, i'd love to laugh it off. hehe

No...there isn't lol.
It's just gonna suck...you know it's gonna suck...it's a big suckfest from beginning to end...so you just do your best to stay out of the thickest of it and focus on the soldiers.
Laughing helps...there's always plenty of that.

FLASHBANGS FLASHBANGS!!! Did you do any flashbangs!?!?!

We throw artillery simulators. I haven't thrown any flashbangs like you would see on Rainbow Six or something...but these have got to be more devastating. They're equal to about a quarter stick of dynamite, but they have a long whistle before they blow the world into tiny bits. NEVER look at them while they whistle. They have a way of mesmerizing you and if you look at them when they go off you will have bright spots on your eyes for hours...especially at night. If you're curious who was looking at one when it exploded...just look for the private who keeps walking into trees lol.

Oh my gosh, it is starship troopers guns, yay!! Do Marines get them too?????????????

No...now go clean your musket lol.

I like Marines...I really do. I admire the Pride they have in their branch. But honestly, they are the smallest and least well funded of the services. I don't know whether they will get them or not, that will probably be a decision for the Chief of Navel Operations to make lol. (yes I know how to spell Naval ... I just like giving Marines a hard time)

I'd like to make a complaint. My little sister is in Jackson right now and she called to tell me about all the fun and "privlidges" she has. So, when you get a chance, tell C company, x/xxth Inf Reg, 3rd Platoon that they are a candy cane unit.

I deleted the unit to protect the guilty. No they are not a candy cane unit. The proper military term is a candyass unit. And yes...they are. Don't worry, we already make fun of them enough. Unfortunately there are big differences in units here as far as how easy or tough the training and discipline is. There are even differences between Companies and Platoons. My unit has a pretty good reputation compared to a lot of units here. And my Platoon is definitely one of the most disciplined in the Battalion. I can't help what other commanders and Drills let their soldiers get away with. I am still going to do my best to turn out tough, disciplined, highly trained, physically fit, morally sound soldiers.

More later...gotta run for now


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