Monday, May 31, 2004

Victory Forge...

Well... hell

Here we go again.

We head out to the field tonight at 0230 for our "Victory Forge" field training exercise. It's the "capstone" training event for BCT and the soldiers will use nearly all the various training they have received throughout Basic.

It's actually gotten a little better since I've been here. They now have taken some of the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan and incorporated them into BCT as familiarization training. It is supposed to get even better later on and there is talk of extending the current 9 week BCT into about 13 weeks.

Some of the new training they are receiving includes Convoy Operations, 9 Line Medevac requests, Introduction to Call For Fire, and later on they should start receiving training on more weapon systems... to include the MK19 and M2 .50 cal MG.

Anyway, I'll write more when we get back and the cycle starts to wind down. I have a million friggin topics I want to hit, but haven't been motivated to sit down and type em out yet. I need to get back to blogging daily. I've found that writing is kind of like working out or running. If you do it daily, you are always thinking about it and can't wait to get to the gym or on the road. But if you let a few days go by without hitting it, it becomes easier and easier to let it slide.


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