Friday, September 17, 2004

Bear with me...

Red phase blues again. I'm tired... always lol.

Long hours and no free time don't give me much to write about.

I hate not writing... but I would hate writing something crappy even more. Also... I'm afraid that I would sound like a cranky old bastard if I wrote about work very much right now, so I will just say that it's Groundhog Day again. I shouldn't snivel though...

Once again I have a good bunch of privates with a lot of potential, although I'm not always sure they will use it. I started off the cycle really exhausted mentally, but as training speeds up I have gotten back into form again. I'll be glad when we get a decent break. I'll write more when I get a chance. I still have several questions to answer, and I apologize for the long wait. If you have a pressing question that I haven't answered yet just email it to me and I'll give you a quicker answer.

Must sleep now.


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