Friday, September 03, 2004


Just got home from Day 2.
New soldiers look OK so far...

Good questions on both sites, I'll answer em as soon as I can.

Some idiot hanging around the xanga site... wish I had time to mess with him, he sounds like a real winner.
At 9:05 on pickup day, I looked at all the suggestions and decided to go with Thunderbirds. I have my own reasons that I'll explain later. Partially because I'm from OK and the NG unit there is the 45th INF (Thunderbird patch).

Somebody suggested a couple of Thunder-something names I think. Kinda surprised nobody put it together with the bird thing but I guess if there is a winner it would be him. Too tired right now to go look up who it was lol.

Oh yeah... I have a soldier with the same last name as me (I have a fairly uncommon name)... very unfortunate for her lol.