Saturday, October 23, 2004


I found a snake in my garage today. I think it's a corn snake but it is all black and gray instead of being red like most.

It scared the crap out of me at first because it's markings look very similar to a rattlesnake. It was in a box of hunting clothes I was going through early this morning before I left for the woods. (Cycle's almost over so I took a day off. Passed up a couple of does but saw no bucks.)

Anyway, I came home and dumped out the box, thinking I would kill the snake. As weird as it sounds, I kind of felt sorry for it. It seemed so friendly I decided to catch it and keep it for awhile instead. (mainly just to show my wife lol.)

I start looking up species to find out what kind it is, and like I said, I THINK it is a black and gray corn snake. Regardless, I have had it out to play with it a few times and it hasn't bitten me yet.

Does anyone know anything about corn snakes?

Everything I've found says they make great pets.

(My 5 year old thinks it is cooool... she has already named it and everything)

UPDATE: My wife is soooo pissed lol...


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