Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Buy stuff...

New link up to Patriot Outfitters.

I checked their prices on the Blackhawk X1 R.A.P.T.O.R. Assault pack. I just bought one the other day here at Fort Jackson, and I checked the price at Ranger Joes, and all 3 prices were about the same. (Within a few bucks) Actually Patriot was the cheapest, but only by about a dollar.

So why should you buy from them? (assuming you were already gonna buy some tactical gear)

Because eventually, probably in a few years, I will have racked up enough points to get something for free. Probably only a roll of 550 cord or a few chemlights or something, but still... free is free.

This only works of you go to their site from mine though, so assuming you were already gonna buy some cool Blackhawk gear, or some Wiley X sunglasses, or a new camo stick or something, go through the link.

By the way, I just came in from a few days in the field, and that RAPTOR pack or whatever the hell it's called, is worth every penny... if you have 17,300 pennies to spend on an assault pack.


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