Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Classic Private Moment...

I gave my Soldiers a short written test tonight on some basic knowledge that they hadn't covered in a while. I used it as remedial PT and each question they missed out of a 20 question test was 10 pushups.

This was an actual answer given by one PVT... and believe it or not, he was serious. I hope he misunderstood the question.

Question: What action do you take if you are walking alone, in uniform, on post and you hear Retreat being played?

Answer: I would low crawl to cover.

(For those who don't know... Retreat is the music played just prior to the lowering of the flag on post. It signifies the end of the duty day and the proper action is to assume the position of attention and remain there until Retreat ends and they begin to play To the Colors while they lower the flag. That is when the Soldier would render the hand salute.)


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