Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Whoa... slow down Skipper... put on some Buffet and have a Margerita...

I was listening to the ol' XM on the way home today and heard the new Navy commercial.

I am not making this up lol...

The gist of their new commercial is this...

Navy Dude: When I joined the Navy, I wasn't sure how much time I would have off. (blahblahblah... I think he talks some more)

Navy Dude: But I work in Military Intelligence for a few hours each day, then I have a lot of time off work. I live in Southern California and spend most of my time surfing. What could be better than that?

Professional Navy Voice: In the Navy, we believe in a balanced lifestyle. Work hard... and PLAY hard. Navy... accelerate your life.

DS Rob in Jeep on way home from a day in the Army: BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAHAAA!!!! (That's how you spell me rolling [figuratively...I was driving] with laughter thinking about what a bunch of lazy sacks of crap the Navy is gonna recruit in the near future with that ad.

Good goin' Navy... keep the people who are only interested in how much time off they can get outta my hair lol.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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