Friday, April 01, 2005

Victory Forge (new and improved)

Six days in the field. For those of you who came through Jackson in the past, Victory Forge is now a total of 6 days long. We also do a 1 day and 3 day FTX earlier in the cycle.

It should be pretty good. I did a fair amount of the prep for this and we are trying to do some things that haven't been done before. Our final STX lanes are gonna be a company size Cordon and Search mission, all done according to doctrine, with outer cordon, inner cordon, TCP, LP/OPs, blocking position, ambushes, and search element all being established or executed in real time in the proper sequence.

I'm going full CTC style with the OPFOR, village, COBs, etc... all the way from the warning order to consolidation and reorganization.

If they pull it off, it'll be amazing. If they jack it up, it'll still be great training and they'll get to see how different parts of the same mission fit together and rely on each other.

They also do a "battle, march and shoot" where they do a forced march, stop and shoot while they're still all strung out, jump up and leave the range (as soon as the necessary safety precautions are done), do another march, take down a MOUT site by platoons, and then move back to the AA.

There's a day at Anzio range where they do the same defensive live fire we always did, but also do a convoy live fire.

Then the last day will be the typical VF action complete with NBC attack.

I love the smell of CS in the morning...

(Now if they would just get us some night vision devices so we could execute better training at night, I'd be satisfied.)


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