Monday, March 22, 2004

Here we go...

I guess I might as well see if I can adapt to this blogspot thing. I'm gonna throw up some posts from my old xanga site in the there will at least be SOMETHING to read here. In case I don't update this very often...I'll probably be back at the old Xanga homestead for a while. Here's a link.

In case you were wondering, most of what I've been writing lately has been answers to questions regarding the military and basic training. It's a tiny little niche, but one I found and don't mind occupying for a while.

I mostly started the blog thing to practice my writing, so that I can write the "great American Novel" someday. That way..I can live a fantastically extravagant lifestyle, far from the unwashed masses, looking down my nose at all the little people out there.

OK...just kidding. But I would like a nice bass boat...and maybe a new rifle or three...and my own politician...oh wait, I was gonna be serious.

Well...enough drivel. Hopefully this regurgitation of old xanga posts works out like I intend. If so...enjoy...if not...consider this the preemptive cursing out of the computer (*!!@%^#!@!!).

Also...if anyone knows how to enable a "comments" feature...leave a message in the "comments" section...uhhhh....


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