Friday, March 26, 2004

Out for a while...

I'll be out of town for the next few days. I am taking a much needed weekend vacation and going to the Smoky Mountains area to do a little camping and flyfishing. I also want to thank all the people who have stopped by and left comments, both favorable and critical, on my site. The simple fact is that I do this partially because I want to become a better writer, and maybe get something published someday, so I need the practice. The good comments keep me motivated, but the criticism is where I learn, so keep both coming lol.

This pisses me off. How could so many people take Palestine's side in this conflict. Where is the outrage when they blow themselves up in a market or disco? Generally speaking, Israel kills militants. They don't waste bullets on schoolchildren, shopping mothers or the family dog. They happily and accurately shoot and kill people who are trying to kill them, either directly or indirectly. Makes sense to me. If you make a habit of killing my civilians, I am gonna exterminate your ass. If you attack my soldiers...well you're still gonna get exterminated, but I will at least respect you a little more while I do it. If the Palestinians, who might have had some legitimate complaints in the past... before they took the Morally Covered and Concealed route, only attacked Military or even Government targets they would get a lot more sympathy from me, and presumably the rest of the world as well. But the Single Channel Plain Text answer is this; If you kill civilians on purpose... YOU MIGHT BE A TERRORIST. And if you are a terrorist, then you forfeit any legitimacy you may have once had.

It's similar to what's happening with the morons at PETA and ELF/ALF and all those other idiots. "Hey...I have a great idea. To protest SUVs we'll burn down a dealership and release more pollution in 2 hours than would've entered the atmosphere in 15 years." or "Here's another good one. Since I don't think the poor chickens should suffer just so humans can eat, and no intelligent adults will listen to our babbling, let's force our propaganda on 8-10 year old children. That way, not only will the adults not agree with us...they'll desperately want to beat the living shit out of us as well."

I don't even remotely agree with either of their causes, but I almost feel sorry for them. Haven't you ever heard of using both tactics AND strategy? You throw paint on me and you'll just receive a nuclear strength, big boy style, country ass whoopin'... and I'm liable to go shoot something just to piss you off now. You haven't changed my mind about a thing. But if you talk to me calmly and rationally, and I don't have ANYTHING else in the world to do right then, I might listen to you purely for the sake of amusement, if nothing else. We had a rational discourse...AND you didn't get your ass kicked lol.


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