Monday, May 02, 2005


Just a warning...

if you're thinking about financing anything through a company called HRS... don't.

I think they also do business as Retail Services, HSBC, and Household International

They are the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They are aggressively predatory in their lending. I thought I had just made a mistake, until I checked it out online. There is hopefully going to be a class action suit against them and I think they are being investigated by the BBB if not by legal authorities.

For some background, check this out....
and this...

and this...

We paid our bill online, and then discovered after the due date that they never posted it (over a week later) and they tried (successfully so far) to charge us an enormous amount of money in "late fees" of various types, as well as jacking the interest rate up to 21% immediately. They're extortionists playing with peoples credit rating. I just paid off the entire account just to avoid doing business with them. (Still waiting to see if this payment goes through)

If you go to finance something and they hand you a contract that has HRS anywhere on it, just say no. Unless it's a liver transplant or something, it's probably better to do without it than to borrow money from these mobsters.


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