Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ultimate Fighter...

If you haven't watched The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV yet, it comes on again tomorrow night at 11 PM. The first two episodes have been pretty good, but I expect the action to pick up a little bit with the Heavyweights first fight coming up.

I completely missed the first season, although I did watch the final fight with Stephen Bonnar and Forrest Griffin. That fight was absolutely outstanding and most people who know what they're talking about rank it as one of the best fights in UFC history.

The second season has been good so far, but anyone who expected Big Brother or Road Rules should probably look elsewhere. These guys are not here to act like morons. Most if not all of them are already relatively seasoned fighters looking for a ticket to the Big Show. In Episode Two, Coaches Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin stop by the house to see if they catch anyone eating junk food or drinking beer, which would have a serious effect on team selection. Far from misbehaving, it's pretty sedate around the house, and a few of the guys are actually having a Bible Study, which I thought was awesome.

The first fight for the Welterweights is between Josh and Melvin. Melvin was sure to get called out early because of his mouth. It's almost a shame that he lost so soon. If he had stuck around for very long he could have gotten on even more people's nerves, which would have been good TV at least. Melvin was not a bad fighter, but Josh kept taking him down and Melvin needed to be on his feet to have much of a chance I think. Josh's biggest problem seems to be his head placement on his takedowns. I noticed this because I do the same thing sometimes. He managed to get into, and then escape, at least three different guillotine chokes, which probably would've been bad news if he fought someone with a better ground game.

To be honest, I wasn't incredibly impressed with Josh's ground game either, but I'm sure it will get better if he keeps working with Marc Laimon and the other coaches during the series. Anybody interested in the series can check it out here.

(My only disclaimer for the easily offended is that there are an incredible amount of bleeped out cursewords. Obviously this is more of an issue for some people than others.)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I only have the very most basic of cable so I can't watch it... now that you've commented on it - I'd like to see it to see what you mean - LOL. Oh well - with all my moving stuff going on - I shouldn't take the time to watch it anyway!

10:05 AM  

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