Saturday, February 18, 2006

The governor kicks in at 160 mph...

Unfortunately, we're covered in snow so I can't find out for myself, I have to take Chevy's word for it.

If you haven't played around with the Yahoo / Widgets thing yet, I highly recommend that you do so immediately. I entertained myself for way too much of the day today trying out all the cool widgets. Some are incredibly useful, some are useless but hilarious, some have very specific uses, some are just aesthetically pleasing... what a great idea.

I now have the following widgets all over my desktop;
1. Medal counter for the Olympics, since I'm only marginally interested and won't watch very much of them.
2. Cool digital clock
3. Picture frame with pictures of my family that change every hour
4. weather map of the temps across the US. It's mostly blue right now
5. Detailed weather data and forecast for Colorado Springs... it's 3 degrees right now btw.
6. A tiny picture of the black knight from Monty Python that says lines I've heard a million times, but still enjoy, when you click on it.
7. A picture of Beavis as Cornholio that does the same thing
8. Calvin and Hobbes
9. A random quote generater from Mark Twain
10. The same thing, but from the book of Proverbs
11. A weird little button that generates random words and then takes you to the first website that pops up when that word is searched on google.

I have about 30 more that I either haven't tried or didn't like, or aren't useful right now (Like the BCS standings, or NFL schedule, etc)

Try it out.


Blogger BloodSpite said...

Good to see you back posting again, even if its not military stuff!

9:56 AM  

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