Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I blew up a van...

(Everytime i say that I have this vision of Brick saying "I pooped a hammer" or "I killed a man with a trident" in Anchorman.) I reallly did though. Blow up a van... not poop a hammer. I shot 200 rounds of 7.62 from a M60 Machine gun into a white van and it blew the heck up and burned to the ground.

No, I'm not in Iraq yet.

We went to a place called Dragon Man's machine gun shoot here in CO Springs. They rent out every kind of machine gun you can imagine and let you shoot them. They had M2 .50 cal MGs, Barrett sniper rifles, old WW2 .30 cal MGs, a few small cannons, even a minigun that sounded like God ripping a planet in half when it went off. It goes on all day and then they drive 3 cars out on the range and everyone shoots off every machine gun at once for the grand finale.

During the day I got to shoot a Thompson .45, an Uzi, and a whole bunch of full auto M4. My wife shot a few pistols, my son shot off a full mag of 5.56 through an M4 on auto, and my daughter even shot abuot 10 rounds through a silenced .22 rifle.

Those were the ones we paid for, but at the end one of the guys working there, who used to be in the Army and I had been talking to a little bit, asked if I would like to "rock the sixty" during the Mad Minute.

"No way man... guns are bad and reinforce the idea that the perpetual violence we live with is an attractive and acceptable alternative to rational discourse between nations."

That's what I didn't say.

What I really said was "Duuuude... what do you think? Point at the one you want destroyed."
Or something like that.

Then the Dude even AG'd for me while I blasted the crap out of a white minivan. (Assistant Gunner=AG)

It was Awesomungous.


Blogger Craig said...

It's sad that so many people supposedly "support the troops" when they have no idea what that means. I live in a small town where everyone here is proud of a "soldier" who gave his limbs for the "protection of the United States" as the local paper puts it. Let me tell you the real story......I work at a local Navy base and happen to work with this "heroe's" father. When the "war" started with Iraq, I prayed for my friend's son's safety. Now, I realize his safety meant the DEATHS of at least TWO GIRLS, by his own account, "about ten years old". This is an individual that by his own father's account is a, "fuc..d individual who only wants to kill people!" This MURDERER had a house built with my tax money!!!! It seems that if you come back from Iraq and having killed alot of children, elderly and miscellaneous family, you are entitiled to a new house!!!! I feel that if you kill an innocent person (Iraqi or not) you should be held accountable! MURDER IS MURDER!!!!! Maybe it's time for "middle America" to accept the fact that only the stupid and easily duped, (and not easily employed), individual's are the one's being trained to kill in Iraq and Afghanistan and eventually, they WILL BE BACK OVER HERE!!!!! God help us all when these "Heroe's" come back here.

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This question has 2 sides. First, I respect soldiers and believe they do great and right job. But unfortunately their role sometimes is changed by politics. So, the problem is not in soldiers.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You tried so many different guns! You are lucky, I saw them only in TV and tried only M2 once in my life.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm impressed what Craig wrote, it's really a problem and I even don't see a way out. People can be so cruel sometimes.

9:24 AM  

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