Saturday, April 03, 2004

A little more on the same subject...

I was planning on doing some more serious writing today, but it just didn't happen. I have been wrapped up in training soldiers for the past year so I have let a lot of stuff go as far as maintenance on the house and taking care of business (like filing my FREAKIN taxes). I have to get all this crap done before we pick up soldiers next week, so instead of writing more on cycle break, I've actually been writing less....weird.

Let me clarify a few things about my last post... I don't have anything against illegals except for the simple fact that they broke the law to come here. They gotta do what they gotta do... but we gotta do what we gotta do too. I am sure they are simply looking for a better life for their family, but they cannot expect to enter the country illegally and then be rewarded for it with automatic citizenship.

As far as them being brought here by their parents, well...I understand that it isn't their fault. On the other hand, if my parents had moved to Alaska, I would still be cold. If my parents had moved to France, I would still be surrounded by ungrateful wretched haughty simpletons. Life is what it is. You have to follow the damn rules. They can return to their homeland and apply for citizenship legally, seek some alternate legal recourse,or continue to live as illegals until they are caught.

As stated in one of the comments, to arbitrarily grant citizenship to illegals simply because they completed the free education (that they didn't pay for like the rest of our citizens) is a grievous insult to LEGAL immigrants who made the extraordinary effort to abide by the laws of the country they wish to reside in.

And by the way, just so you know, anyone who ever calls me a racist will get his ass kicked. (well, if they said it in person anyway) I can't think of an ethnic group that I don't have in my family somewhere. Ok..wait... I don't have any Arab or Jewish members of my family but that's beside the point lol.

And what really got me fired up wasn't immigration policies, it was the chanting idiots outside Rove's house. Those people WERE NOT illegal aliens. They were a gaggle of liberal muckrakers who (I guess) were trying to be original and come up with something new to scream and yell about. The crowd was made up mostly of middle class looking Black and White people. And to top it all off, they BUSSED IN SCHOOLKIDS to walk around holding up signs. I guess they couldn't find enough adults who were cretinous enough to mob a private residence, so they filled up a couple of schoolbusses with middle school kids.

The topic of illegal immigration as a whole is too large and complex for me to address between now and the time the pizza arrives. It is a subject worthy of a better post than I can whip up right now, so it's going on the back burner with the rest of the stuff until I feel more motivated. It's an interesting subject though and got a bigger discussion than I expected.

Anyway... enough for now...



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