Thursday, April 01, 2004

Release the hounds...

I planned to write something a little longer about this lunacy…

But when you boil it down to how I really feel about it, it reads like this…

Release the hounds!

We are looking at the house of a citizen who has devoted most of his adult life to the service of this country. Whether you agree with his politics or not, to maliciously and purposely gather on his front step is criminal. These jackasses are reportedly gathering to promote legislation that would automatically grant citizenship to ILLEGAL ALIENS who graduate from a US high school. It’s not enough that we provide them with a free public education to reward their illegal entry to the United States. The fact that they meet the rigorous standards of a public high school means they should be granted legal status.

Apparently Mr. Rove agreed to meet them in his garage and then chastised them for scaring his children. I cannot imagine why he showed them this courtesy. They should be arrested. An unruly mob scaring my children seems like a good argument in favor of: A) A well stocked kennel of German Shepherds B) My own Professional strength Fire Hose or C) A case of CS grenades by the coat rack.

Until today I knew nothing about this proposed legislation and honestly couldn’t care less in light of more important issues. After seeing this I hope it goes down in flames. If they can be granted citizenship when they graduate high school, we can certainly locate them before they graduate and deport their sorry asses back where they came from. I am one hundred percent in favor of LEGAL immigration, but if you break the law to get here…what are the chances you will respect the law once you reside here.


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