Saturday, May 22, 2004

the Rock...

(Disclaimer: Some of my best friends are Dems lol... I don't REALLY think they are sinister... just wrong... and that's ok )

What is the fundamental difference between Dems and Reps? If you strip everything else away, I think that in the sinister heart of the Democratic party is a drive to keep the proles DEPENDANT on the Government. Minorities are being used and abused by the Dems. Poor people are being used and abused by the Dems. All they have going for them are their ridiculous but effective scare tactics. "The Republicans will eat your children... let us take care of you." What they have done in effect is to attempt to purchase a whole block of voters on the cheap.

First you give em a little taste of the rock (Dems are all for free stuff) then you give em a little more... then when they have sold their soul to the rock (socialized everything) you start charging them an arm and a leg for it. They can't kick the habit of getting stuff for free... and they don't even realize what they pay for it. Most of the lowest economic sector don't pay any taxes, so tax increases are a great thing, right? They are perfectly content to let everybody else pay for it. Hell... I don't even think most think twice about who pays for it.

The Republicans have a sort of a PR problem lol. Once you've been addicted to having everyone else take care of you... sometimes for your whole life... nobody wants to hear about personal responsibility. Why would anybody go from paying nothing to paying something?

Bah... there's nothing coherent here. I was just reading the morning news and seeing where Kalifornia's credit rating improved for the first time in 4 years, due to the measures Gov. Terminater has taken so far... but Democrats are still begging for a tax increase.

So anyway... just some frivolous rambling...

Carry on...


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