Wednesday, May 31, 2006

good question

Just curious, but why is your blog called "Done"?

I started the blog while I was a relatively new Drill Sergeant. Finishing my time "on the trail" was pretty significant. Three years was far far too long. I'm very happy to be back in the Infantry where I belong. The title used to be AnAmericanSoldier, but I changed it on the day my time was up.

On the other hand, I haven't really thought about it lately, and haven't written much. Maybe I should change the title to something else. I'll give it some thought...


Blogger Craig said...

It's sad that so many people supposedly "support the troops" when they have no idea what that means. I live in a small town where everyone here is proud of a "soldier" who gave his limbs for the "protection of the United States" as the local paper puts it. Let me tell you the real story......I work at a local Navy base and happen to work with this "heroe's" father. When the "war" started with Iraq, I prayed for my friend's son's safety. Now, I realize his safety meant the DEATHS of at least TWO GIRLS, by his own account, "about ten years old". This is an individual that by his own father's account is a, "fuc..d individual who only wants to kill people!" This MURDERER had a house built with my tax money!!!! It seems that if you come back from Iraq and having killed alot of children, elderly and miscellaneous family, you are entitiled to a new house!!!! I feel that if you kill an innocent person (Iraqi or not) you should be held accountable! MURDER IS MURDER!!!!! Maybe it's time for "middle America" to accept the fact that only the stupid and easily duped, (and not easily employed), individual's are the one's being trained to kill in Iraq and Afghanistan and eventually, they WILL BE BACK OVER HERE!!!!! God help us all when these "Heroe's" come back here.

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