Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Not now...

This is the post where I don't really say anything. I think I should update, because I haven't lately... but I'm too much a wuss to sit here and force my brain to work. I'm kinda on autopilot right now and should probably sleep while I can.

OK... I guess I'll say this much. The turds are completely different from... and exactly the same as... every other batch I have trained. These might be a little more hardheaded than normal though. They are slow learners as a group and must regulary be thrashed into submission. It's not that they are dumb though, they are actually a good bunch. They just aren't picking up the discipline as quick as the last bunch. To be fair though, the last bunch was above average.

It's still early, we'll see how they are doing in a few days.


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