Sunday, December 04, 2005

Handier than thou..

I'm tiling my countertops. If it turns out good I am gonna post pictures of it. I've already practiced on two bathrooms, but the kitchen is the big thing. Once I get done with the countertops, I have to do the kitchen floor and then start painting and doing a bunch of other little BS stuff to get this place ready to rent out.

Meanwhile, the movers are coming this week.

I'm staying at Carson as long as I can. I'm tired of moving again already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having just moved a couple of months ago... I must say that one of the things I admire most about the families who stick with the military is their willingness to put up with moving all over the place every few years!

We were in the Chicago area for 24 years - we did 4 moves, but they were relatively "easy" in that not too many things had to change - they only needed address changes. This time we moved to the Boston area... I'm still trying to catch up and we've been in the house since the beginning of October!

Yes, I am in awe of anyone who is willing to do the continuous moving that the military requires. It's yet another reason why you all are so outstanding.

Oh yeah... I can't wait to see pics of the counters!

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! and Good Luck...

5:45 AM  

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