Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Practice makes perfect...

Just got in from Victory Forge...
Tired as all hell... slept about 9 hours in three days. It went pretty well.. maybe I'll post something about it later.

But I had to record for posterity something my daughter said earlier so I don't forget it. I'm sitting here zoning and catching up on the news when the 5 year old says "Hey Dad, guess what I'm doing... SMASHING-HEAD-PRACTICE!"

Then she takes off sprinting across the room and launches herself horizontally into the couch cushions ... smashing, as advertised, her head straight into it.

Why someone would need to practice this is a mystery. But if she ever finds herself in a situation where head-smashing skills are called for... she'll be ready.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Mighty WarPigs

Some pictures from this cycle...

Anzio Range (red is tracer rounds)

CO shooting flare

same CO... different flare

Anzio Range again

Anzio Range (really small because I screwed up on photobucket)

Soldier training on M249 SAW (DS is not me)

OK... this is me. If you look really hard you can see my left ear behind the soldier. Hey... blame the XO who took the picture.

Not me again.