Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On assignment to...


Well, I'm in a new company now. The situation is better now. I hated to leave my old company but it was for the best. Enough said.

It looks like I actually might have gotten the assignment I wanted. I don't want to get too excited because I'm afraid I'll jinx myself, but the assignments guy at Branch told me I was locked in and gave me a report date to Ft Carson, CO in January. I'll be going to 4th Infantry Division. I'll be MECHANIZED. I don't know whether that's gonna be good or bad but I expect it'll be a little of both like most big changes. I've always been in Light Infantry units and been assigned as Heavy Weapons/Anti-Armor Infantry, so no matter what it'll be a whole new world. I'll be on a Bradley instead of a Hummvee from now on. I've got a lot to learn about the equipment but the basic duties of a PSG shouldn't change that much.

It'll be cool to be mech, but mainly I wanted to be in Colorado so that I'll be near my family for once, and when I deploy my wife and kids will have them nearby also. Then there's also the hunting and fishing. Actually there are a million reasons why I wanted this assignment. (None of them involve the Denver Broncos though)

I think when I leave Fort Jackson, I'll probably shut down the blogs. I might start a new one, but probably not. I don't know. I probably will, just to stay in practice... who knows. Regardless, I've slacked off a lot on updating this one. I hardly ever write anything long or serious any more. If I had more time to do that maybe I would be more excited about it. Maybe I'll just consolidate the best posts or something and catalogue anything that would be helpful to new Drills or Soldiers.