Sunday, September 03, 2006

tactical gear

This is a shameless plug for my sponsor ...
If anyone is ALREADY looking to buy tactical gear, hydration systems, holsters, pouches, molle gear, blackhawk packs or assault gear, etc...
then they should get it by clicking on the patriot outfitters link over on the right there. I've checked their prices against other sites and they are consistently either cheaper or the same as ranger joe's, us cav, etc.

If you buy stuff through this link I get free stuff eventually.

I get points that add up and I get free gear to use during deployment. I just got a free SERPA holster for my M9 to mount on my IBA. I got a free MOD Knife once too. Somebody spent a huge amount of money for me to get that many points, and I never did figure out who it was. That's about all the free stuff I've gotten, although I've bought some other stuff from them. They ship fast too by the way.

DO NOT buy anything you dont need to help me out. That's the least efficient way ever, and I really don't NEED the help. I have plenty of money to buy my own gear, but free is always cool too. It's like a thank you for advertising for them, and they're a good company, and I buy a lot of my own stuff there anyway, so it all works out.