Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Need a space shuttle launched?

...each time I launch one my computer almost pays for itself.

I bought a new computer that I didn't need. My old one went kaput. I tried everything to get it to boot up, but couldn't get anything. I went to the comp store to buy a reasonable, affordable CPU to go with all my other crap. I intended to buy something affordable, but finally decided on the 5 GHz, 2500 front side bus, 10 Gigs of RAM, 6,575 Gig hard drive, candy apple red, supercharged megacomputer with Nitrous Oxide and 18 inch rims and the optional napalm canisters. Then I found out that for only 1500$ more I could have one that Bill Gates once rested a coffee mug on in the warehouse. So I got that one.

Then I took it home and figured out that my old one was fine. My 6 month old monitor had died.

So then I had two computers and no monitor. I went and bought a new one for the supercomputer, and hooked up my first ever old CRT monitor to the old computer.

Of course then I had to go buy the stuff for a wireless LAN. Because it's cooool. It took me no time at all to hook up the LAN... but it took me about 2 days to figure out all the encryption stuff.

The computer's got the Windows XP Media Center program on it. It's pretty nice. You can do a lot with it as far as integrating it into everything else in the house. So far all I've done is hook it up to the cable though so I can record UFC, the Sopranos, and Deadwood onto my hard drive.