Sunday, October 05, 2008

alive and well

I'm still here, just busy as a one legged man lately with pursuits both professional and private competing for my time.

At work, I pinned on the rank of First Sergeant a few days ago, although I have actually held the position for over six months. It's nice to wear the rank, but I wont actually get paid for the job until my number comes up sometime next year.

The family is good. My boy is a senior now, learning to drive, and my girl just started soccer for the second season.

Away from work and family, I have been consumed by everything dirt bike related. If you thought snowboarding was bad, you wouldnt believe the amount of riding we have gotten in this season. So far, nothing broken. Lots of scrapes and bruises, but thats to be expected.

When we got back, everybody was talking about buying dirtbikes, and surprisingly, about 7 of them actually followed up on it. With that many riding partners, and a mind boggling amount of trails to ride around colorado, we've been hitting it weekly, usually more, ever since about February or March.

I started racing this year, at the age of 37. I could, and probably will if I keep updating the blog, expound for hours on the torture of a four hour off road enduro race, and how much I love it even while it's trying to kill me.

I was never much of a motocross rider in the past, but have now gotten pretty serious about it. I still dont race MX, but racing a 2 hour hare scramble on a motocross track instead of a 20 minute moto makes it a moot point. I'll prbably race MX next season if it starts before we deploy, but the long races are what I love.

My riding style and interests have evolved and improved more in the last summer than in the last 30+ years.

I sold my KLX 300 and bought my first KTM. I got a used 2006 250 XC, and will probably have to write something about the reasons and joys of switching from a four stroke to a two stroke sometime. I'm in the process of taking my whole engine apart, and honestly it's not much more complicated than a machine gun. If it were a four stroke, I would be lost in the sauce right now, probably carrying an armload of parts in to a real mechanic so he could fix what I screwed up... for an outrageous amount of money.

Anyway, I'll probably start writing more as time goes on. Depends on the training schedule in part, and we've been training a lot lately, but it should taper off a little before it picks up again after the new year, so I'll try to be more diligent in posting. I need the practice.