Monday, January 21, 2008

no really....

I do intend to start writing more. I've been busy goofing off.

Still working on the jeep. It runs a lot better, but I still havent fixed the main problem with it, which is a "bucking" that happens after I've been going for a while.

So far I've put a new 21 gallon polymer tank on it, replaced almost every component of the electrical/ignition system (except for the actual distributor, which is next), grounded teh engine to the frame correctly, and done the timing correctly (it was way off).

Next up is the distributor and maybe an electric fuel pump, but I dont think the fuel pump has anything to do with it.

I've also been learning to snowboard. I think they are going to put me in a video game pretty soon. I'll be one of those characters you can unlock and play, if you want to play a giant 200 lb 36 year old oaf with a built in ability to instantly become horizontal with no warning at random times.

Actually, I'm having a blast and learning pretty quickly. A friend of mine said that if you want to learn how to snowboard, go jump off the roof of your house 5 times in a row, landing on your tailbone every time, and that's what you will feel like after the first day.

He was exactly right. At the end of my first day, it felt exactly like when I took his advice and threw myself off the roof five times, landing on my tailbone.

I've been out three times now, and I don't fall nearly as often now. When I do fall though, It hurts a lot worse because I'm usually going much faster than I used to. Last time I crashed into some deep powder off the groomed trail, and almost completely buried myself. I think my board was probably visible, but that was about it.

Another time I decided I wanted to imitate the other boarders I saw zipping all around me, and I intentionally went off the trail at some fresh powder, my plan being to just cut between some trees and come out on the other side, looking marginally cool.

It didnt work out that way.

After doing a little research, I've discovered that my board should be about 10-12 cm longer than the one the rental guys have been giving me, especially if I want to get within 10 meters of anything resembling powder.

As soon as I hit the powder, I sank like a stone long enough for the front of my board to dig into the snow and make a 90 degree turn toward the center of the earth. It isnt nearly as painful when you wreck in powder, but it hurt a little worse since I did it on purpose... and not far from the lift line where a dozen or so spectators were standing around with nothing better to do than wait for someone to crash and burn.