Saturday, April 30, 2005

How fortunate for the husband-to-be...

If she couldn't handle the wedding, how was she going to handle the marriage? The wedding is the easy part. I'm glad she wasn't kidnapped or anything, but what an idiot. Drop her like a live grenade and run like hell bro...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Fishing tips.... and stuff...

I haven't written anything in a while, not much to write about. My parents have been here visiting, so I've mostly been hanging out with them, and wishing my stupid nose would heal. They finally took out the little splint contraption today, and it made a biig difference. I can breathe again, better than ever, and the schnozz only hurts if I bump it into something. I try to avoid that, but it happens.

I did some fishing with my dad and one of my buddies while they were down. I have to buy a boat. I can't believe I don't have a boat already. This situation is unacceptable.

The reasoning is that I wouldn't get to use it much till I get off the trail... and that makes sense... but it's not good enough. I need a boat. I need a good boat, that I can fit the wife and kids into. It needs to be cheap... but fully equipped. Anybody know where I can get something like a 19 ft bassboat with trolling motor and depth finder, preferably around a 90+ hp outboard, for around a grand? If you do, let me know. I'm not in the market for any bridges though.

I did manage to outfish my Dad one day (I caught two, he caught one... not much, but a win is a win). You may not understand how major of an accomplishment that is. I don't know any better bass fishermen than my Dad, (although I did meet Jimmy Houston once).

On the other hand, I got severely thrashed on the other two days. Even my Mom outfished me the first day. She reads this sometimes, so I know she'll be glad I admitted it publicly. It was fun though, and we (okay... they) did catch some really nice bass.

Here's what I learned this time...

Two words... "Brush"... "Hog."

I've been kind of iffy about the Brush Hog (soft plastic worm type bait by ZOOM) although evryone had been saying it was the greatest thing ever. I hadn't caught much on it, so I wasn't really convinced. I started fishing it like Dad, and now I'm convinced. It also helped that everyone else in both boats was fishing it also and we really tore them up that first day.

We caught them on Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkin... I think he caught some on Watermelon Candy and Castaic Choice too. (Colors of Brush Hog baits)

Basically just fish it with a light weight (1/8 oz) and bump it slowly from the bank to the boat, keeping tension on the line. when you feel them slurp it up, set the hook, or you can slowly raise your rod to see if it feels heavy, which means fish, but I'm a big fan of just jerking the hell out of it as soon as they hit it.

Possible drawback.... it was probably a perch messing with it. On the other hand, I don't want to take any chances that they spit it out.

Side note... Perch = any bream, shellcracker, sunfish, bluegill, redear, pumpkinseed, warmouth, panfish, etc.

Also... It's not White Bass, it's Sand Bass.

Anyway, that's all the fishing wisdom I have for you, and that's all I am writing for now, but I had to write something or I would be too far out of the habit to start again.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

All you writers of military persuasion check this out...

The deadline is approaching for the fourth annual War Poetry Contest sponsored by Winning Writers. Please publicize this announcement, and thanks.

Postmark Deadline: May 31
Prizes of $1,500, $500, $250 and 10 honorable mentions of $75 each. Submit 1-3 original, unpublished poems on the theme of war, up to 500 lines in all. $12 entry fee, payable to Winning Writers. Judge: Jendi Reiter. Submit online or mail to Winning Writers, Attn: War Poetry Contest, 351 Pleasant Street, PMB 222, Northampton, MA 01060. Winning Writers is one of the Writer's Digest "101 Best Web Sites for Writers" for 2005. For more information and past winning poems: