Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Won't talk about work except to say that I got a good bunch of soldiers. I'll try to train em up right in spite of unmentioned issues.

I escaped the company for two weeks to go to the Level Two Modern Army Combatives course. It's still mostly ground based. I thought there would be more kickboxing etc, but that's in Level Three. We were on Day Two today. The course is ten days long. It's already kicking my ass. There's nothing like fighting for several hours straight to make you feel your age. Actually the youngsters were just as smoked as I was so maybe it's not age... it's just an asskicker of a course. I hope they are whining as much to their wives as I was to mine tonight. I get no sympathy anyway. Traci's been married to a Drill Sergeant for too long. She just tells me to "suck it up" and stop whining lol.

Anyway, I'll post more in a few days and post some pictures of our dragons. (We have six now... it's a long story. In fact it's a long story that still doesn't justify having six... but oh well.)