Monday, May 09, 2005

full circle...

I went to get some new tires the other day. Then I started looking at rims and decided to get some new ones. Then I started thinking, "If I'm gonna get new rims and tires, I should go ahead and lift it some first so I can get even bigger and more expensive tires".

So I started looking at lift kits. I started furiously studying everything I could find online about lifting Grand Cherokees and what size tires I could put on it with what size lift.

I started by looking at coil spring spacers, but they would only give me about 1 1/2 inches of lift.

By today, I had worked my way up to a 4 inch skyjacker lift with 32 inch tires and American Racing Outlaw rims. Then I added up the total price...

Tomorrow I'm just gonna go get some friggin tires put on and be happy.