Monday, January 28, 2008

livin the dream...

My life right now is doing a bunch of stuff, and then snowboarding, and then doing a bunch of other stuff, and then going snowboarding again, and then more stuff, until I finally get to go snowboarding, and then... etc.

It's not that simple, but if only it could be...

Don't get me wrong, theres plenty of family time in there, especially since I took the family to get skiing and snowboarding lessons.

And I go to work, where we do whatever we have to do, and then talk about snowboarding all day.

I even watch a little TV...
mostly LOST (trying to get everyone caught up before the new season) and the Winter X Games (which has snowboarding)

Why did I wait 36 years to start snowboarding?

(I mean besides the fact that I spent most of my career in Hawaii, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Tennessee)